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Automotive Key Replacement

Having issues with the locks on your car is just as serious as having issues with your brakes. When you park your car, you don’t have the assurance that your property is safe because someone else has the key to your car.

Typically, the solution is to change the locks on the doors and safes within. However, you can actually keep the locks and change the keys. The idea of rekeying is cheaper and easier. It is a form of key replacement that involves changing certain parts of the lock called the pins. The key pins determine the pattern of the keys. When you change the pattern of these pins, then you’ll need to replace the key with a key whose pattern is to unlock the car.

At D&C Lock and Key, our locksmiths are also skilled at cutting new keys. As a company that specializes in locks, we have established a reputation in the industry. Over the years, we have evolved with the industry. We understand how the models of each lock work and the roles that dealers play in the replacement of locks.

Beyond our knowledge, expertise, and experience, we prioritize the interests of our clients. We are keen on establishing long-lasting relationships. This explains why we take our customer experience seriously. We are willing to serve you excellently too. If you plan to replace the keys to your vehicle, contact us, and we will get to you in the nick of time. Our services are available at any time of the day. Contact us today.

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